Be in the Strike Zone – by Eddie Maley

As a surfcaster, getting my offering to where the fish are feeding is probably the biggest factor for me or anyone that fishes from shore. The depth, wind and distance needed to obtain this are main factors at first. Secondly would be the type bait that is dominantly present and then picking my lures based on these observations.

You want to choose something that will be in the strike zone for as long as possible, increasing the chances of having a fish take it and getting Hook’d up. Using this as a quick rule, and my go to being bucktails, it helps to start with as light of weight possible (1/2oz in some cases) and then making adjustments from there. Experimenting with different weighted bucktails is quickly done using this lure and that is why it’s my favorite lure as it so versatile You will know when cast out and don’t feel anything on the retrieve (not being connected) it is probably too light. If it is to heavy, you may feel it digging in to the bottom or getting hung up and having to reel to quickly also keeping it out of the strike zone. After a short time switching out and testing different setups and weights you can get yourself in that column of water where it just feels right and if it gets hit now you know you are close. Keep testing different weights and trailers under different circumstances, even if there are no fish around and in time you should have an idea of what may be best to start with based on what situation is in front of you. Good luck and keep experimenting!

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