How to read the Water and its Structures – By Eddie Maley

Knowing structure is an important and possibly a top priority to catching more fish. If you look at boat captains and fisherman, they mark structure with coordinates to put them on fish, whether it is a wreck, rock pile or edge of a major drop of depth. Fish hold and feed in these areas. What’s interesting

Striped Bass & Northeast Fishing— A Conversation with Captain Mike Roy

Captain Mike Roy is the founder and operator of Reel Cast Charters, specializing in fishing for striped bass on the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. He is also a  monthly blogger on Hook’d Gear providing tips, reviews and various fishing methods for their readers. Recently Mike was a guest on the PartsVu Xchange Talks

Seasickness Prevention and Remedies – By Captain Jason Bailey

I’m often asked about seasickness and if you’ve ever been seasick, you can certainly understand why! First, let’s talk about some of the causes of seasickness and factors that can exacerbate it. I once worked with a very well-respected Family Medicine MD, and we discussed this one day. In his opinion, medically speaking, as we