Putting your boat away for the season? Here’s how to winterize it effectively:

by Garrett Aakre Winterizing your boat is not as hard as some may think. If you have the simple tools, correct fluids, and a little mechanical knowledge, it can all be done in less than 30 minutes! One thing to keep in mind is using the correct additives, cleaners, and safety protocols is crucial to

My favorite year-round bait to throw in all conditions

by Garrett Aakre Every angler has what they consider to be their “confidence bait.” It’s the one you reach for after all else seems to fail in your arsenal. There are so many different techniques to target fish such as hard baits, soft baits, jigs, etc. and so many different people telling you what you

Striper Spaghetti: Tips for Fishing with Live Eels

By Matt Stone Fishing with live eels is, has been, and will remain one of the most effective ways to catch trophy-sized striped bass. For generations, anglers on shore and in boats have spent days and, unsurprisingly, plenty of nights, casting and drifting live eels, hoping for that slurpy thump that indicates a large striper