Striped Bass & Northeast Fishing— A Conversation with Captain Mike Roy

Captain Mike Roy is the founder and operator of Reel Cast Charters, specializing in fishing for striped bass on the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. He is also a  monthly blogger on Hook’d Gear providing tips, reviews and various fishing methods for their readers.

Recently Mike was a guest on the PartsVu Xchange Talks Boating podcast to discuss his growing charter business, fishing seasons in the Long Island Sound and greater Northeast, his preferred boat for his charter business, and some of the ins and outs of year-round fishing for big fish on a light tackle. PartsVu also published an article based on the podcast episode.

I know many anglers turn to you for striped bass fishing tips. Do you have any tips you can share?

Captain Roy: Right now, it’s early October. The fall is probably the most exciting time to fish here in the northeast. Every part of the season has its uniqueness, but the fall is when our water temperatures are just starting to drop. Here in Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River, the water temperature dropped below 70 degrees a week ago, making the fish more aggressive.

I was out this morning, and it was raining and overcast, and the striped bass were biting like crazy. It was great fishing. The fall is a perfect time to do a lot of topwater fishing. At times we have a big fish like a big striped bass coming up and hitting the surface. It’s a really exciting visual to see it come up, chase a lure, smack it out of the water, and chase a bait.

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